The RED Zone is an all-encompassing, results-driven fitness program that fits the needs of all our members – regardless of activity level.

The RED Zone fitness and performance training center is a 5500-square foot facility designed to house an all-encompassing fitness program for individuals of ALL fitness levels.

We specializes in functional fitness to show dramatic changes in weight loss, improved strength, flexibility, mobility, physical performance and endurance through functional strength training, and intense interval training programming. The RED Zone gym implements climbing ropes, battle ropes, Olympic barbells with bumper plates, kettle bells, dumb bells, cables, sleds, medicine balls, sand bags, tires, sledge hammers, TRX and Jungle Gym straps, and a 25-yard turf area to perform movement and agility drills that all combine to give a workout unlike any in town. We coach members of ALL fitness levels while striving to instill a sense of camaraderie along with leading a healthy lifestyle. This social aspect is not something that is typical at a regular functional training gym.

We also specialize in nutrition coaching. Precision Nutrition is one of the most highly respected nutrition programs in the world. Our on-staff certified nutritionist is available to aid in implementing a game plan that you can be consistent with for the rest of your life. No diet fads, or yo-yo dieting here. We believe in consistency to build habits that you will never sway from. This is not a benefit of most intense interval training programs outside of Club USA Fitness.

This program is NOT Crossfit, Orange Theory, or any other cookie cutter franchise. The RED Zone is a gym different than the rest, boasting 5 different levels of training programs that will challenge elite level athletes, as well as safely progress those who are new to a functional training gym to levels beyond what they have ever experienced. We are locally owned and operated, with the capability to evolve at the cutting edge of the fitness industry to deliver the most efficient, safe, and effective program around. Come check out this world class program right here in Littleton, Colorado to see for yourself!

Move better, feel better, live life to the fullest!

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