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Ours is a multi-faceted program designed to work in conjunction to deliver unbelievable results, in a safe and effective manner.  Consistency and variety in training keep you engaged, and excited to get your sweat on week after week.


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Research has shown that High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is the most effective way to burn massive amounts of  calories and fat.  We provide safe, effective HIIT training for people of ALL fitness levels.  Our BURN program is composed of three different levels:

Foundational Performance – Entry Level Programming

Elite Performance – Intermediate to Advanced level programming.

PROW Performance – Intermediate to Advanced Level Programming

We are such advocates of our BURN program, that unlimited BURN training is included in ALL memberships.



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Build Muscle.  Build Strength. Build Confidence.  Whether you are trying to bulk up, boost your metabolism, or just get strong, our STRENGTH program will be essential to your success.  Set up in small group private training sessions, the goal of these workouts is to build lean muscle mass, and increase functional strength.  If you are looking for a toned, athletic, healthy body that can tackle any daily obstacle that may come in your path, our STRENGTH   program is for you!  Included in our STRENGTH program, is unlimited BURN sessions.  Strong is the new skinny!



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The Colorado Competitor program offers the next level of training.  Athletic based workouts that include strength training, Olympic lifting, agility and athletic based movement patterns to take your fitness to  a place it has never been.  If  you are a fan of athletic based workouts, or you are currently a competitive  athlete, this is the program for you.  Our Colorado Competitor program also includes unlimited access  to our BURN program.

Competition Breeds Success!



Access to a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach is included with all RED Zone  memberships!  What sets Precision Nutrition apart?  Constant feedback, and   continuous coaching.  The program teaches you how to eat, what works for your body, and how to stick with it for the rest of your life.  No diet fads here.  Why?  Because they never work for the long run!  We work to instill 5 healthy   habits in our clients over time.  Whenever someone tries to completely overhaul their diet from Sunday night to Monday morning, they cannot make it happen for the long run.  They always peter out.  With Precision Nutrition coaching, we learn about you.  We learn where you struggle, and we focus on one thing at a time. Once we have instilled one habit, we move on to the next.  Small, manageable, maintainable goals will produce long term change.

  • Most gyms and Certified Precision Nutrition coaches will charge hundreds of dollars per month for coaching sessions.  With your RED Zone membership, this service is ABSOLUTELY FREE!


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