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fat_calipersscale_tapeBaseline Measurements:

We take circumference measurements and skin-fold measurements to determine body fat percentage, and your weight to determine your starting point. This is the best way to track progress!

goalsbaby-pushupsGoal Setting:

We help you set specific and measurable goals that are time sensitive in order to help keep you focused and give you a sense of direction!

injuryfreezonefmsFunctional Movement Screen:

Do what the pros do! We take all members through the functional movement screen to identify areas that may be prone to injury. We can then prescribe corrective exercises where needed. Check it out, the Denver Broncos use this same system to keep their athletes off the injury list!

kettlebellsFitness Assessment:

How fit are you? The assessment will give us the opportunity to see what you are capable of, and also demonstrate how our program works. From here, we will have the ability to prescribe a workout routine that will be just right for your abilities!

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