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Josh Hemann


Growing up the son of a coach, and participating in multiple sports through High School embedded in me a deep-seeded passion for being part of a team, and helping others succeed.

I attended the University of Northern Colorado where I earned a degree in Exercise Science.  Shortly after college, I had a great opportunity in the sunshine state, Florida, where I was very fortunate to learn and work under some of the best strength coaches in the country.  I spent time working in the strength and conditioning programs of the University of Central Florida, and Rollins College alongside my full time job at the RDV Sportsplex in Orlando which was at the time the head-quarters for the Orlando Magic.

During my tutelage, I came to the realization that group training was the future of the fitness industry.  More people were able to take advantage due to lower costs, clients stuck with the program longer because they made friends and built camaraderie within the group, and everyone was getting better results because they were able to come more often and worked harder due to increased motivation from teammates. I began to hone my skills, and develop programs for this niche.

Once I moved back to Colorado in 2012, I earned a tremendous opportunity to direct this extremely effective group training program.  In 2013, Rick and Dan Schleibe invited me to implement this program, and serve as the director for the RED Zone at Club USA.  I am extremely honored to be a part of this program in such a successful, and family oriented club.  I look forward to seeing how many lives we can change for the better, along with forging new lasting relationships as we move into the future!


  • CSAC
  • USAW-L1
  • CSAC
  • Pn1
  • BS Exercise Science

Cyndi Gattoni-Hollister

I have worked in the health and fitness industry close to 30 years, with 20 of them spent at Club USA. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Human Performance and Sport with an emphasis in Athletic training in 1997.

I went back to college after healing from a debilitating illness called Guillain–Barré Syndrome. Once I recovered I realized that I wanted to help people (athletes) regain their lives who went through an injury or illness like I had.

I’ve been a competitive cyclist for many years and thrive on setting different goals each year for myself and train friends reach theirs as well.

I’ve taught the gamut of fitness classes throughout the years and realize that is where my heart is the happiest!!! TEACHING!!!

Heather Biglow

Heather is an ACE certified personal trainer, Schwinn certified spin instructor and former assistant Track and Field Coach at the University of Colorado with 11 years personal training and coaching experience.

She spent 6 years coaching track and field at University of Colorado which included the following responsibilities:

  • Design and implement training programs for Men and Women sprinters, hurdlers, and jumpers. (includes plyometrics, circuits, and interval training)
  • Assist with weight training for track team.
  • Monitor athletes’ development, injury prevention and preparation for competition.

Heather has designed and developed sports conditioning programs for youth, open, and masters athletes.

A University of Colorado graduate; Heather is a three time All-American, professional Heptathlete who competed at two US Olympic Trials.  She enjoys working with all levels of fitness enthusiasts. She is extremely passionate about fitness and hopes to inspire!

“I’m really excited to join the Red Zone team. Come get fit with me!”

Connor Powers

Red Zone 014Team sports and fitness became a major interest in my life as I played football, basketball and ran track throughout high school. As I entered college I became increasingly more interested in the science behind these activities and how a person could improve and excel in them. I graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in integrative physiology and fell even more in love with the functions of the body especially under exercise conditions. During my time at CU, I was an undergraduate teaching assistant for Exercise Physiology and able to experience and observe many different conditions that exemplified how truly amazing the human body is. This continues to push me to keep learning but also transformed into a want to pass this knowledge onto others, to help them improve their lives, and encourage people to truly LIVE.

I believe that with a positive attitude and a willingness to give the absolute best, a person can accomplish anything. Being surrounded by other positive attitudes and determined individuals only intensifies this and that is why I believe team training is truly invaluable. The foundation I believe should build on is, “nothing is better than your best, but your best will make you better.” The environment the Red Zone has is the perfect place to find your best, helping others to find theirs and push you to reach for the better.

Outside of the Red Zone I’m usually snowboarding, backpacking, hiking, playing sports, watching sports, or reading. I always love trying new things and am always looking for the next adventure.go-top


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